Various Types of Lawyer That You Should Know

Do you remember the last time you hired a lawyer? What type was he/she? To some people, there is no difference in any kind of a lawyer. They think of them as the same. Contrary to what many people know, there are various types of lawyers that you should know. If you thought that a lawyers is a generic term, then this post is what you need.

Intellectual Property (IP) attorney

LawyersIP lawyers are the type that deals with issues around intellectual innovations and possessions. These are things that you cannot touch, but it is all your creation. Well, just like the tangible property requires protection, your intellectual property will need it too.

The lawyers in this category deal with trademark, patents and copyrights. Try the patent lawyers in Chicago if you have any innovations and ideas that need protection from being stolen or copied by other people. They ensure that no one will infringe into your right of ownership and that you benefit from your creation.

Tax attorneys

This is a crop of lawyers with a specialty on taxation. They will help you file your taxes. As you already know, the process of taxes is a complex one and you would need some legal hand to get it right. Other than ensuring your taxes are flied right, they also mount a defense for you if the tax body finds that you have some tax issues. Since this is an offense that could land you behind bars, you need a competent tax lawyer to get you off the hook.

Divorce lawyer

In some quarters, these kinds of lawyers double up as family attorneys. However, that is a generic approach and we are not going to use it here. A divorce lawyer is your legal counsel and leads when your marriage is on the rocks and the only solution you have is divorce.

Since many divorces tend to get nasty, you would require the services of lawyers to handle things on your behalf. In most cases, you will only have to appear for the proceedings occasionally.

Bankruptcy attorney

At one time or another, you would find yourself on the wrong side of debts. One of the last resorts to get out of a deep financial crisis is to file for bankruptcy. On paper, this would seem like a very easy straightforward process but it is not. There is a lot of jargon that you may not be able to get right. To guide you and ensure that everything is done correctly, you will need the services of a bankruptcy lawyer.

Immigration attorney

attorneyWe all move around from one country to another. For immigration to be legally binding, it must be done by the book. Since you would not know the immigration laws and regulations of all the countries, it is time you get the services of an immigration lawyer.

The lawyer not only guides you through the process but also ensures that you get all the necessary documents. With their help, your immigration process will be done according to the law.


If you thought that there is only a generic kind of lawyers, then you are in for rude shock. There are many types of lawyers and each is qualified for a certain case. The next time you need a lawyer, you will find the appropriate one.…