Various Ways To Sell Your Show Tickets To The Public

Live performance shows are one of the best and easiest ways for various performing artists to make money. Whether its music shows, stand up comedies or any other, one will get an audience if they promote the event well. The bottom line of such an even if to sell as many tickets as all produced. This, therefore, calls for the owner of the show, the event manager and sales team to strategize on how to sell this. The more the aggressive the team is, the more they will help the tickets sell. So what are the various popular ways to sell these tickets? This article will cover the common ones.

Various ways to sell show tickets

Use the theater website

One of the benefit to enjoy when you have a deal with a popular theater is using their website to sell your tickets. Since the results is a mutual benefit, such a website is actually created for such services. Most people would log in to check the oncoming shows and buy the tickets. It’s also using this platform that the show can make any announcement to the public like give directions on how to purchase alternative tickets if online ones are not available. Check the digital vein details on the neighborhood theatre website for more of their shows details.


Sell using your website or social pages

Most artists have very popular social pages and profiles. If they own a website, it’s most likely a popular one. These platforms are good to promote the show as well as sell the tickets. One of the most effective selling strategies is the use of social media due to the huge number of followers and interconnectivity between the fans.

Using popular outlets like shopping malls

Some shopping malls will have stands to sell various tickets for the oncoming shows. People already know that such stands sell the tickets and will come to seek them. They are run by knowledgeable attendants who will offer guidance to the public if they need some. As an artist, you could also strategize to use the supermarket chains in collaboration with their branch manager for a commission.


At the door

This is where most people will buy their tickets. As much as most shows try to discourage this inconveniencing habit by raising the fee, people will naturally find themselves here. Many factors may trigger this like poor early promotion and increased last minute effort, an absence of tickets at various outlets or people’s last minute decision among others. In overall, the deal needs to sell as many tickets as possible.…